Free Speech Town Hall-style events for a Better America

Help bridge the differences in our country so we can become more unified at home and more understood, appreciated and respected abroad. The first Speak Out America event was held May 22, 2004 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.
For further information about fees, availability, contact: info@barrywaynesimon.com or phone me directly at 310-699-2180.
Conducted in a “town-hall” style session, SpeakOut America programs are intended to bring forth a community, a nation, a world where opposing views can be heard, honored and appreciated leading to mutual understanding and respectful solutions to the issues of the day…resulting in a world that works for everyone!
Bring “SpeakOut America” to your community organization, club or association. Vent your views, concerns and solutions to the issues of the day so as to make a positive difference in the direction of your group or organization.